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Click the link on the left side of the screen to enter my practice Registration for Neocities :3 please try this :3 don't worry your credentials won't be save i Promise :3 i'll even show you the source code that it will not be save :)

If you want to learn HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript etc. go to this site here "http://www.w3schools.com" so you can start learning and make your own Website :D

Welcome to Light Of Day's (Mehhh) Practice Website!

Mehhh, The Troll Bot

Hello, I'm Mehhh the Owner of this Site.
This is my first time creating a website, i will be updating a lot of things to this website either Educational things, practice elements in a website etc. I'll be offline for a while because of School, a lot of things to finish in College!Oh and btw, if you click and hold me, i'll spin and grow slightly :3 and the GIF's here too...
dont know anything else to add at the moment XD

So, What is all about this Website that I've Done???

    What is This Website???

    As of today, i don't have anything to add in this site since i got it to go Live. I'm still a beginner so I have a lot more to learn about HTML and what else it can do.

    Things that you see in this Website are the things that i upload and update on this site on a daily basis XD

    If you're wondering why I made this website, it's because i wanted to learn from other people and\or Websites, then try and apply what i've learned so far in HTML.

    If you want to see my Movie List, click the link on the left side of the screen :D

    If you want to see my Personal Information Page, the link is also on the left side of the Screen :3

    If you want to see what kind of Holidays does the Philippines have, you can click the link to the Philippine Calendar and its Legal Holidays 2016 also on the left side of the screen :)

    If you notice any dates in the calendar with a Different shades of color, that means its a Birthdate :D I try and update all of my friends Birthdays XD

While I dont have anything much to explain more, so here's a random video you can watch, the first video is the Differences of Korean, Japanese, and American Words and Pronunciations, and the second one is Differences of Korean, Japanese, American and Chinese Words and Pronunciations :D

Videos courtesy of The World of Dave.

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